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Whenever you really want to focus on something, WAVR is the place to store your smartphone for a period of time.

Use the bottom part of WAVR as a docking station to recharge your smartphone. Compatible with all phones. No cable, no chaos, everything nice and tidy in its place.
You really want to focus on something but you can´t stop thinking about your smartphone? Simply close your WAVR, choose a period of time and the case gets locked. Unless VIPs contact you or a real emergency arises, the case can´t be opened.

Is WAVR something for you?

WAVR is an innovative product which is designed as a tool to help modern people to get focused. Since not everyone needs every tool, with our survey you can check out if you can improve yourself.

When do people feel happy?

Most of us really experience happiness when we concentrate on one thing only and forget everything around us. We see this kind of dedication when professional athletes prepare for a game, musicians embrace their passion or when children play.

Any kind of distraction prevents us from getting to that point. One of the biggest distractions is our smartphone. Let ́s be honest, very few of us are totally immune to the ringing, blinking and vibrating of this little computer. Especially when things get difficult or boring, we pull out our smartphone almost habitually. We love our smartphone and there are many good reasons to do so - it is a great invention. But we might use it a little bit too much. In fact, it really got out of hand.

Like the time we are sitting at the beach and listen to the waves, WAVR helps us to forget about the smartphone for a moment. We know that feeling: Being on vacation, no WiFi! Because we have the habit to check our phone every few minutes, it feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable in the beginning. Then, after detaching, it turns out to be really relaxing. We want people to set up these digital breaks as a routine in their everyday life.

Our team

Stefan Hunger
Michael Wolf
Giovanni Tocci
product design
Felix Angermeyer
graphic design
Vanessa Glieneke

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