SET FOcus Times

Boost the productivity of your employees

WAVR helps you to get deeper in topics - with less distractions. Implement WAVR as a routine while you are in learning mode and get more done in less time.

Reading complex texts or any other complicated, work-related tasks are mostly no fun. But it will lead to personal growth and skill development. Use WAVR to focus and resist whenever it is getting hard.

Preparing for tests or writing your thesis is no fun but needs to get done. Use WAVR, get productive, do the same amount of work in half the time and spend the rest of your time with your friends.

With a distraction free period of time your employees will achieve more
WAVR helps you to set a frame around your learning time
Establish a no phone zone
All employers need to fulfill mental tasks. Establish a digital free time zone will boost their results.
enlighten to a better smartphone usage at work
Constant distraction is unhealthy and unproductive. We offer a product for an easy and smart way to set boundaries around that.