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When was the last time you sat down and read a book or the newspaper or simply listened to music without checking your phone as soon as it is blinking. Use WAVR and focus on one thing only.

Wondering how much time you have if you use your time wisely. Remember when you did that sport or played that instrument and how much fun it was? Get off your couch and do what you love.Many great ideas, but not enough time? Spend your time wisely. Aver

age smartphone users look at their screens 2,5 hours a day. Don´t be like that. Implement WAVR as a daily routine.

Get a better time management
WAVR helps you to set a frame around your learning time
Better Concentration while reading
Got distracted while reading a difficult text? We help.
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Always wanted to achieve more in university? Use WAVR routinely and you will get higher degrees.

"If you lose the ability of concentration you’re going to be less and less valued in todays markets"

Cal Newport
Author of New York Times Bestseller Deep Work