Motivate to go out

Establish smartphone free time for your kids

WAVR helps you to get deeper in topics - with less distractions. Implement WAVR as a routine while you are in learning mode and get more done in less time.

Give your kids the environment to learn better and faster. Support your children with WAVR staying away from a smartphone for a while.

Spending time with the most important people of your time is one of the most valuable thing we have. No text or tweet is as important as they are. So put away your phone and pay attention to them.

Give your kids a digital free time zone
WAVR helps you to set a frame around your learning time
Have digital free dinners with no stress
Talking to your kids in a deeper and better way
achieve a higher mental health for your kids
different studies pronounce that kids with digital free time-chunks are more concentrated and suffer less from ADHD