Why the ability to focus is the most important thing in today’s tech world.

Famous author Neal Stephenson is nearly impossible to reach electronically - his website offers no e-mail address and features an essay about why he is purposefully bad at using social media. Here is how he once explained the omission: “If I organize my life in such a way that I get lots of long, consecutive, uninterrupted time-chunks, I can write novels. If I instead get interrupted a lot - what replaces it? Instead of a novel that will be around for a long time … there is a bunch of email messages that I have sent out to individual persons.” Bill Gates took at his time at Microsoft so called “Think-Weeks” twice a year in which he isolated himself to do nothing but read and think big thoughts. J. K. Rowling refused to use any Social Media while she has written Harry Potter and moved to a Hotel Suite to become undistracted.

Why good concentration is the most important thing in today’s tech world. And how we can save it.

The ubiquity of deep work among influential individuals is important to emphasize because it stands in sharp contrast to the behaviour of most modern knowledge workers - a group that’s rapidly forgetting the value of going deep. Deep work, of course, should not be limited to the historical or technophobic authors. It should be designed so that everyone on request can have times in which deep work is possible.

I want to emphasize the importance of getting a new and better behaviour which takes some elements of high individuals and modern people. A behaviour called Digital Skiller. A Digital Skiller is someone who is able to use all technical offerings but also to go deep. This kind of thinking will bring success to you and is a technique to get more time and happiness.

The reason why knowledge workers in today’s environment are losing their familiarity with deep work is well established: network tools & news pages. To establish a digital skillful strategy we need to set times in which we get daily long, consecutive, uninterrupted time-chunks with no distraction by anything.

See Deep Work as a skill

In my personal experiences, times where we need to concentrate deeply, a smartphone is the most disturbing device around you. Everytime it gets a little harder we take out our phone by no need and just do swiping, scrolling and distracting. While I’m writing this, I wear noise cancelling headphones and have blocked all Social Media and News pages. My smartphone is at home. For me it’s the most productive time where I can just focus on books, writing and being with myself.

Become a Digital Skiller

For that we invented WAVR. Imagine writing your thesis, novel, programming code - anything where you need to concentrate, WAVR will help you to implement your decision to focus as long as you want by keeping your smartphone. No need to keep your smartphone at home, have the feeling of missing something important. It might be good to have it with you  but the only way you should need your smartphone while you are going deep is when there’s an emergency. WAVR solves this with an intelligent solution.

WAVR is a tool to become a Digital Skiller. Setting boundaries around your tech use will give you the possibility to start your self-commitment to these time-chunks and start to work deep on your purposes.

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